Rescue Energy and Money can be a solitary requirement of a thermostat? 

We were using the Honeywell VisionPRO thermostat for last five years and it has done a trustworthy job also. But last summer our electricity bill hit over the range and finally we decided now it’s enough! Thus, we moved with the auto learn auto away functionality and installed second Gen Nest thermostat. According to us the 2nd gen nest thermostat’s profile is perfect for energy and money saving. Its thinner elegant design makes our home a little more up to date in look, but not too much.

Nest T200577 2nd
Nest T200577 2nd

I do have some reflections to share about the installation process. Installation/setup of nest is quite easy as many other users mentioned and I installed the thermostat by myself. I just followed the guidance, then went to Nest website to create an account managing our house temperature and installed Nest application in our (me and my wife) smart phone. The competency to sense wires and automatical configuration of the thermostat is a cool feature we didn’t see before.

Nest automatically turns itself down when we need to save energy and is the prime feature for which we replaced our previous trusty Honeywell VisionPRO. Auto away works in our homes, even if nest is in a spot we did not pass on the way out the door and it also works with 95% of low voltage systems. We found the nest thermostat saves up to 20% of our heating and cooling bill by programming itself. Hence, initially we were happy with automatic configuration, energy saving and elegant looks of the nest.

After four months of notable performance we went for a trip. When we were returning to our home, we attempted to adjust the heat to little up for having a comfort environment at home. When we tried this we got a massage showing us the unit was in online two days ago. We were disappointed that we could not turn up to a warm house.  After that, we found our nest thermostat work sound except that it carries on going offline and then unable us to direct it distantly. We also found on the nest forum that we are not the barely consumer experiencing this dilemma and, this is to a certain extent irritating for us and nest had done nothing to resolve this problem.

Nest T200577 2nd Generation Learning Thermostat Review
Nest T200577 2nd Generation Learning Thermostat

Another issue we don’t like about this nest is that, it uses its motion sensor to determine whether it should keep the heat on or off and then try to build a schedule based on usage prototype. Although this jingles well in theory bur it doesn’t work if thermostat is in a low traffic region of the house like us.  Also, once it assembles a schedule, you really have no idea it will did until you identify your temperature setting keeps fluctuating.

So, before installation of 2nd Gen Nest thermostat at your home our advice will be just check out all the features and do compatibility measurement with your system. If your system is not compatible then it will be a wise decision to choose another thermostat which is compatible with your system. So, my last word is, think rationally before adaption of this thermostat!