Perfect product if you want to have a smart house

This is a great action thermostat integrated with remote temperature and motion sensors. As a user of Nest ecobee thermostats I can say, it is better and smarter than its predecessor in many ways. I really appreciated all the features this system offers, added far-off access, setting profiles, and the new software permits majestic use of custom schedules. This thermostat is particularly fit with the houses similar to mine which have several rooms on a central one point heating/cooling zone.

Ecobee 3

The smarter WiFi thermostat with distant sensor feature was a big factor in my decision. I was using the 2nd generation Nest for roughly 3 years. Although it worked sound but I constantly observed that my bedroom and first floor the temperature was a little off. Because the Nest has no remote/distant temperature sensing, they would not trigger the heating/cooling when the isolated floor is too hot/cold. During summer it is a special problem and for us it was became a pain. But now moving with ecobee3 the house doesn’t have to overheat to the point where the heat reaches the thermostat in the living room.

Ecobee3 also supports a “follow me” attribute with the far-off sensors that facilitates to determine which rooms in the house are occupied or empty and conveys this information to the main thermostat to aid with soothing.  For me this feature is mostly useful at night and now with ecobee3 I love that at night, when I know we are in bed and I can inform it to give concentration to the bedroom sensor to keep the bedroom comfortable.

Another nice feature of the Ecobee3 is that the manufacturer can bring up to date information’s to the consumer about its firmware/ hardware via the Wi-Fi association. However with other thermostats you have to exchange the unit just to get a firmware update and then hope it will fix your problems as they don’t support in-place updates.

ecobee 3
ecobee 3

And for sure its data is remarkable. It will show you the temperature outside, inside, and when the HVAC was turned on and also for how long within 24×7. It is beautifully presented and allocated more thoughtfully than the Nest. You can also view meaningful information about your system usage, schedule and weather impact in a graph format that is effortless to read.

Finally tablet apps and free smart phone allow me to see and change any setting distantly, as well as to observe thermostat behavior. The latter feature has not only been helpful for adjusting my thermostat and sensor settings but has been enjoyable too. The Web site of Ecobee recommends the same functions on any computer.

Overall, I have been more and more overwhelmed by installation of this smart looking thermostat in my house, and I particularly appreciate the innovative features included in Ecobee’s newest software update. I would like to recommend this thermostat for you also.

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