Some new views have been added today by Nest. Yes, Farsight is now available with new features and facilities for its users. Compared to the previous features, consumers will be able to show a new look of animated weather screen as well as the current temperature.

All this would be possible to view from across the room. People love to see the temperature with big numbers as they love to be updated in this regard across the room. The item with new temperature viewer gives people this facility.

The manufacturers need the satisfaction of their customers in terms of weather checking process, so that’s why they gave an animated look to see the weather. In order to have your own modified weather look, just go to display setting and choose the style and layout of your view.

Farsight is able to show extra information on the 3rd generation Nest thermostat including current room temperature and time. Besides, you can see the weather and the temperature targeted. Since the format is larger than usual it means you are able to be updated about the temperature from afar even if you are outside the room. All these features make the piece wonderful and enjoyable.

You can easily add a little thoughtfulness to the routines you have daily through Farsight. For example, you entered the home after completing some errands. After entering the room and opening the door, you noticed that the thermostat is at the end of the hallway.

You check the time. Since you arrived at home a bit early, so you need to take some rest and relax. Here, you can walk up to the thermostat to turn the ring and change the temperature. So, if you are too cold, change to a bit hot, and if you are too hot, you can change to a bit cold. That’s simple. No extra skills are needed to change the hot and cold mode.

When you’ll see Farsight

If Farsight is enabled, you will notice the thermostat wakes up soon after feeling your existence or presence. It senses your presence up to 15 feet away too. Because of high technology used there, the screen is able to be read from afar too. No need to come closer to check the temperature or time across the room. Just have a glance from a specific distance and get all the info without getting up from your seat.

What can you see on Farsight?

You are free to turn off the settings if you don’t want to see anything. Otherwise, you have options to choose what should be displayed on Farsight. To name some, they include the thermostat’s target temperature, the temperature in the room currently, a digital clock, an analog clock, the forecast and weather, and so on. All these things are easy to see through particular setting you obtain using a few figure moves.

No matter which option you choose to be displayed, the thermostat will always able to let it go to sleep in order to protect the power and will update you about recent and important information like carbon and smoke monoxide alerts, furnace heads up, and many other errors alerting you that your urgent attention and then action is needed to fix the problem.

How to change what Farsight shows you-1

How to change what Farsight shows you-2

Can you change settings?

Certainly, you can change what is being shown by Farsight and for that, you have to take some steps. These steps are complicated and technical, and we are planning to write another article in this regard where we will detail the procedure in order to make things easier and simpler.

What happens when you get closer to your thermostat